a photo of a woman with her arms cross with fall trees in background

Corporate Portraits at Rolland Moore Park 2022

This is the 5th year I’ve shot Spring Creek Dental’s corporate portraits at Rolland Moore Park in Fort Collins, Colorado. I always look forward to shooting these amazing people at this great location. Every time we do a photo shoot at this park, it’s always a little different, even though it’s basically the same location. I try to mix things up every year. And, to make the event just a little more fun, I bring some tunes.

One Spot. Many Shots.

After photographing many people, it still amazes me how one can produce many different shots from just one spot. From one specific spot, I can produce dozens of different photos just by utilizing different poses and moving around.

For example, sometimes I’ll bring a ladder to stand on. From this angle, I can get one style of shot and completely elminate the background. Or, if I’m shooting at the same level as my client, I can get the colorful Autumn leaves in the background. Or, if I stand in one spot and have my subject turn to a little to their right or left, this also produces many options.

Sometimes I will also bring a chair for my client to sit on. They can sit on it backwards, sideways, or facing forwards. There are many poses on the chair to be taken. From one exact spot at any location, one can produce many different photos.

Rolland Moore Park

Rolland Moore Park offers many attractive backdrops for corporate portraits. There’s open grass, a number of bridges to choose from, benches, dense trees, open sun, shade, sunrise or sunset. The portrait opportunities are endless, here. We shot these corporate portraits in the Autumn of 2022. The colors were great.

Corporate Poses

A classic corporate portrait I like is with their arms crossed. I also try to get shots where my client’s body is open to me. I feel this pose says they’re open to their customer. I prefer to avoid poses where my client is looking down at the camera. To me, this says they are above you and you are beneath them.

If you’re looking for a great dentist or dental hygienist, look no further than Spring Creek Dental. They’ve been taking care of me for years. They are a great, compassionate group of people, and I feel very fortunate to know them and work with them.