Rolland Moore Park sign in Fort Collins, CO

Rolland Moore Park, Fort Collins, CO

Rolland Moore Park in Fort Collins, CO, has a lot to offer for individual or senior portraits, as well as family portraits and weddings. One could easily get a backdrop of the foothills to the West. Of course there are many trees one could lean against, as well as rock or steel benches, or rocks to sit or stand on. There are also a number of wood or steel bridges to lean against or stand on.

Rolland Moore Park also offers a shallow winding stream, for kids to investigate. Of course, there’s also a basketball court, volleyball court, and baseball diamond, for your sports-related portrait session. Spring Creek Trail also winds through the park, if you’re after bicycle shots. Imagine a family on bikes riding through the park. There’s also plenty of parking.

Below you’ll see some before and after photos. The before photos were just taken with my phone.