There are many uses for aerial drone photos or video. They capture the grandeur of a location of a wedding or engagement, or of a family’s or individual’s photo session. An aerial drone can capture the size of an outdoor event, such as a concert or festival or race. Real estate agents can use aerial photos or video to show prospective buyers the amazing views a property has, or how a property sits within a neighborhood. Rooftop product and service companies, such as roofing companies and air conditioning installation companies, can show-off their products or services to their potential customers. The uses of aerial drone photos and videos are endless.

Aerial Drone Photos for Real Estate

I include some aerial drone photos in all my real estate photography packages, unless the agent specifically requests that I do not. Real estate agents and Realtors can and should take advantage of the many uses of aerial drone photos and video.

Living along the Colorado Front Range, there is always a great view, regardless of where you are and where your property is, when the view is from above. Even if you have an ordinary house, in an ordinary neighborhood, a photo taken from 50′ in the air looking west at our great mountains or east to our great plains, reminds us of where we live and what’s possible.

An aerial drone photo can show what’s surrounds the property, or if a greenbelt or lake is nearby. A straight-down photo shows the shape of the lot or its contents. Aerial photos can give a current and detailed view of where the property is within a neighborhood or park. They can give a different perspective of the size of buildings or trees. Prospective buyers can see the condition of the roof and rooftop features, such as chimneys or air conditioners. If a new roof has been installed, a real estate agent can showcase that in its own photo.

Real estate agents, whether for commercial or residential properties, can use aerial photos or videos for their own advertising or promotional purposes, such as on their website, in their website design, or on their social media pages. Want to show-off some of the homes you’ve sold that had stunning views? Including aerial photos is a great way to do just that. Including aerial photos of your properties helps you and your properties stand-out form your competition.

Aerial Portraits

Colorado is a beautiful state with lots to offer, one of those being amazing views. Why not take advantage of our beautiful state and include outdoor aerial shots with your portraits package? You could be lying on your back in a field of flowers in Lory State Park, or in an open field of grass at a local city park, or in a wheat field.

Maybe sports is your thing. How about an aerial shot of you spiking that volleyball or sinking that 3-pointer at an outdoor court? What about an aerial photo of you standing tall looking over a valley, or riding in our foothills?

Or maybe it’s not necessarily a high-up bird’s-eye view but a photo taken over a lake while you’re canoeing or paddle boarding, or over a river while you fly fish. The possibilities are endless. Add aerial photos to your next outdoor portrait photography session.


Construction, and rooftop product and service companies can take advantage of aerial drone photos and videos to show-off their work. If you’re a bakery, it’s relatively easy to take a photo of your products – you sit the cake on the table or countertop get your camera out and take a picture. But, what if your product is a roof installation? Even if one of your installers takes a picture with their phone, it would be better if they took the shot 30′ out and up, to get the whole roof in the photo.

It’s one thing to use a photo one of your employees took with their phone, at eye-level with the house you built, or the roof you installed. But it’s a completely different photo when taken from the air. With an aerial photo, you can get more of the house, more of the property, more of the roof, etc.

aerial drone photography new construction

Family Aerial Photos

Including aerial drone photos in your family photography package is a great idea! Currently, most of my family portrait sessions are outside at a park in Fort Collins or Loveland. We are fortunate to have so many attractive parks and open spaces close-by. There’s also the majestic mountains to our West and Great Plains to our East. Especially taken at sunset or sunrise, an aerial drone can capture these beautiful parks and views.

Wedding and Engagement Aerial Photos

It’s your big day. You’ve got everything planned. You’ve chosen the right park or open space for your engagement or wedding or reception. Maybe you chose that particular park for its backdrop or it’s trees or openness. Regardless, it probably looks great. You and the photographer have decided where and when the portraits will be taken and who’s going to be in them. But, do those photos include aerial photos of the bigger picture, of the park or open space? Maybe ones that include the mountains beyond the park’s trees. An aerial photo can include more of that wonderful backdrop you’ve selected, such as the mountains or a lake or forest. It can even more so remind you of where you are, why you chose that particular location. They can capture more of Colorado.