Wedding Photography

wedding photography

What You Can Expect From My Wedding Photography

I like to be prepared, and I want to produce the best photos I can for you. That’s why I like to visit the location before the day of your wedding. I want to know where the ceremony will be, where we’ll take family photos, bride and groom photos, where the reception will be, what the light will be like at these various spots, among other things.

Once I’m done shooting your wedding, payment is expected, if it hasn’t already been made.

Wedding Photography Equipment I Use

For most weddings, I bring a small assortment of photography equipment. I always have 2 camera bodies and these lenses with me:

35mm f/1.4
85mm f/1.4
24-70mm f/2.8
70-200mm f/2.8
105mm f/1.4 macro

Memory cards

I rarely bring flashes to outdoor weddings, unless we feel it’s necessary. For indoor weddings, I often bring two flashes and two light stands, if necessary and if they’re permitted.

How I Charge for Wedding Photography

I charge for my time shooting your wedding and for assisting you with ordering your printed photos, your wedding photo book, etc. I do not charge per downloaded photo. You download your photos from my website once I’ve edited them and payment is made.

How Will You Get Your Wedding Photos

Once I’ve edited your photos, I will make two back-ups of all photos, then upload the choosen ones to a folder on my website so you may download them. You may download 3 versions: small, medium, and large. The small versions work great for email, social media, etc. The large versions are for prints, such as wall photos and your wedding album.

Recommended Prints and Photo Book

I’ve had great success with Printique. I find their website easy to use and the quality of thier products great. If you want help with prints, or assembling and printing your wedding photo book, let me know. Additional fees will apply.

Wedding Photography Image Gallery