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Pet Photography With Me

As with other portraiture, when shooting pets, I tend to move around. I try to get shots at their level, as well as from above. I try to get action shots as well as stills.

For shooting active pets outside, such as dogs, my telephoto lens is ideal. This zoom lens lets me follow your pet while they’re running around the yard or park. For less active pets, one of my prime/fixed focal length lenses is better. These prime lenses are sharper overall, but less flexible.

Most of the time, I do not use a flash when taking photos of pets. If a particular little buddy is tired or relaxed, and if the owners are ok with it, I might breakout my flash if it’s necessary to get the look I want.

Strangers calling your pet’s name often doesn’t work, that’s why I bring a small squeaker to get their attention.

When we’re done, payment is expected.

How Will You Get Your Pet Photos?

Back at my office, I will pick the best photos and edit them. Then I’ll make back-ups of all the photos. Once edited, I will upload those to your own password-protected page on my website where you can download small, medium, and large versions. Small versions are great for email, social media, etc. Large versions are great for prints and photo books.

Why Hire a Pet Photographer

2nd Person

There’s more to photographing a pet than the camera and lens. How many times have to gone to take a picture of your dog or cat and they don’t look in the right direction, or they don’t sit where you want them to, or they keep following you around when you really just want them to sit over there while you take their picture from over here, or you maybe there’s stuff in the background you didn’t see before. There are lots of reasons to simply have another person there, if for no other reason but to run the camera while you get Sparky’s attention.


Then there’s the professional photo equipment. The cameras on smartphones have come a long way. However, they still aren’t as good as a real camera and a good lens. For example, the photo software on smartphones try to simulate the bokeh a high end lens produces, but not very well. The resolution of images produced on my DSLRs are significantly higher than that of smartphones. DSLRs and mirrorless cameras give the photographer more control over all sorts of things, such as focus points, lens options, print size, sharpness, and off-camera lighting.

Pet Photography FAQs

1. During our pet photo shoot, can I also take pictures with my phone?