Family Photography

family photography fort collins legacy park

What’s a Typical Family Portrait Session With Me Like?

A typical family photo session with me lasts around 45 minutes at one location. Our sessions start with meeting at the agreed-upon location at the agreed-upon time. This location is often a community park. Parks make for great family photography locations because they’re open and spacious. There are many great parks around Fort Collins and Loveland that offer beautiful scenes and backgrounds for wonderful family photos. If you would like your photos taken someplace special, just ask me.

At the one location, we’ll go to a few different spots. These may be on or under a bridge, an open field or space, under a large tree, etc. Most folks wear their best clothes and shoes to a shoot, so I generally don’t drag my clients all over the place. We typically stay within a one hundred yard area. At each spot, I often get several photos. Once we taken those, we’ll move on to the next spot.

The above is my typical family photography session. If you would like multiple locations or a location other than a community park, let me know. Additional fees may apply.

After a few photo scenes, payment is expected, if it hasn’t already been made. Once back at my office, I will import your photos and edit them. I typically ask for a day or so to go through your photos. Once lightly edited, I will make two back-ups of them, and upload them to my website for you to download.

Aerial Drone Photos

For only an additional $50, I can bring my high-end drone and capture aerial photos. Aerial drone photos capture the grandeur of the location. Colorado has much beauty to offer, from its gorgeous parks to breathtaking sunsets and sunrises. Why not take full advantage of our time and include aerial photos? I don’t bring my drone by default, so if you want aerial family photos, be sure to ask.

How Will You Get Your Family Photos?

Once I edit your family photos, I will upload them to my website, where you can then download them. I will email or text you the link. The link will expire about a month after I upload them. If you need more time to download them, just let me know. You will have the opportunity to download small, medium, and large versions of each photo. You can also download all of each size at once in a zip file. Most families end-up with between 10 to 30 digital photos. I do not charge per downloaded photo. Once you’re paid in full, you can download all the photos I uploaded. Small versions are great for online use and email. Large versions are great for prints, such as 8×10 or 8×12 prints, or for use in a photobook.

What to Wear for Your Family Photo Session?

Solid colors are best. Bright colors can be distracting, such as hot pink or green. Clothes with patterns or graphics or words can also be distracting to the eye and are not recommended. People have a tendency to try to read the words on shirts, for example, instead of enjoying the lovely scene or lighting, or the people themselves. That said, it is entirely up to you what you wear.

Outfit changes during a family photo session are entirely up to you. Most of the time, there’s enough going on during a shoot, that people don’t change outfits.

Camera Equipment

For my family portraits sessions, I typically bring my 70-200mm zoom lens for action shots, and an 85mm or 105mm fixed lens for still portraits – each on their own camera body. I often carry these on me.

I typically don’t bring flashes to family photo sessions since we’re often moving around. That said, should the need arise and they are required, I can bring them. There may be additional fees for this additional equipment.