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I’ve never liked the way I look in pictures, but I really like these!
~ Bradley

A Typical Senior Photography Session with Me

A typical senior photography session with me starts at one location in or around Fort Collins, CO, and often lasts about half an hour and costs $125. It often includes a couple outfit changes, although this is not a requirement. Multiple outfit changes is entirely up to you. At this one location, we typically move around a little. For example, if we’re shooting in Old Town, Fort Collins, we might get some shots along one wall, then some on a nearby bench, then some in another nearby alley. If at a park, I like to get some photos at a bench, on a fence, next to a tree, etc.

I often offer some instruction on where you stand or sit, how to position yourself, etc. For example, I try to watch your posture, and hand placement. I’m also looking for how light falls onto you, what’s behind you, and more.

Once we’re done, payment is required, if it hasn’t been made already. Payments I accept are check, cash, credit card, PayPal, and Venmo.

Back in my office, I will need no more than a few days to import the photos, edit them, and upload them to my website, where you can download them in small, medium, and large sizes. Small versions are good for email, website and sharing on social media. Large versions are good for prints. I will email or text you a download link. I do not charge per photo. You can download every one I upload, which is usually at least 10.

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Camera Equipment

I like really good equipment. I figure why not start there so I don’t have to worry about it. Depending upon the shoot, I often bring two cameras, each with their own lens. For senior photography, those lenses are fixed focal lengths – 85mm, and a 50mm. I might take two zoom lenses if I don’t have the room for my primes.

I often do not bring lights to my senior photo shoots. If you require artificial lighting, or I feel they are necessary to achieve the look you require, there may be additional charges for this extra equipment.


I encourage up to a couple outfit or shirt changes, but that’s not required. If you’d rather not, that’s ok. One outfit is perfectly fine. If you do bring more than one outfit, you should be prepared to change in your car, or public restroom, if there is one. If you have an undershirt and all you’re changing is your top shirt, you can do that out in the open. You should also be prepared to carry your outfits or extra shirts a short distance, should the need arise.

If you have a sport or activity you want to express, I encourage you bring that prop or outfit. For example, if you played and enjoyed basketball in school, bring a basketball. We can either find a basketball court for you to pose in, or you can stand next to a tree a keep it simple. If you are interested in dance, bring those ballet shoes and outfit and we’ll capture those moves!

Solid colors are generally best. Clothing with patterns or graphics tend to be distracting. In addition, tops and bottoms that match or coordinate are also preferred.

Photo Shoot Location

My least expensive senior photography session includes one location in or around Fort Collins and lasts about half an hour. This location could be at a community park, or gymnasium, or a location around town, such as Old Town, Fort Collins or Loveland. Fort Collins and Loveland offer many wonder parks, such as Rolland Moore Park and Legacy Park. What do I mean by ‘one location?’ I do not mean we can’t move around some. If we’re shooting at a park, we might take some shots at a bench, then next to a tree, then maybe some at a bridge. ‘One location’ does not mean the entire park, however 🙂

If you want shots at a second location, or more time, it might cost extra.

Senior Photo Props

A prop or two also helps to create different looks to your photos. A photo prop is any object used to enhance the photo or add interest. Props help to show who you are, what your interests are, etc. For example, if you played sports in high school, one prop might be a piece of equipment used in that sports, such as a basketball or football helmet or baseball bat. If you were in the band, you might consider bringing your instrument. If you were in drama, maybe you’d like to bring a hat.

Or maybe your interest is a little different. Maybe you’d like your senior photos taken with your horse or dog, or car or truck, or in your favorite space, such as a park. That’s fine. My intent is to capture who you are in a photo.

Senior Photography FAQs

1. Can I bring my BFF?
Definately! This is a great way to save a little dough. If I’m shooting them, cost will be +50%, however.

2. Can my mom/dad/friend also take pictures with their phone?
I encourage it! I don’t want to have all the fun. Taking pictures with your phone is a great way to document the event and to quickly get some photos to share.