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Why You Need Good Corporate Portraits

Within a fraction of a second, when looking at someone’s photo, we decide whether we trust them or not. That starts with a smile. Smiling makes your potential customers comfortable with you right away – it sets them at ease. In addition, when we see someone smiling, we can’t help but to smile as well. Many of us are familiar with, at least the song title “When You’re Smiling (The Whole World Smiles With You).” This is also true when it comes to corporate portraits. What a great way to start your professional relationship with your customers – by them smiling!

Why Hire a Professional Photographer

Part of a photographer’s job is to look for small details during a photo shoot. Details such as your hand placement, is your tie straight, how the light is falling onto you, what’s behind you. In the hands of a photographer, one that’s trained to look for the above and more, a photo taken with a smartphone can look significantly better than one taken from your friend or a passerby with no photography experience. The above mentioned details is part of what you’re paying a professional photographer for. Yes, smart phones have come a long way with respect to photo quality, megapixels, and special effects. But there’s currently still a huge difference between a photo taken on a smartphone and one taken with a real camera and a really good lens. It’s about physics, not software.

Why You Shouldn’t Use Personal Portraits on Your Professional Marketing Material (this includes your website)

What does a photo of you skiiing in Winter Park say? It says you’re on vacation, that you’re goofing-off, right? And that’s fine. We’re all entitled to have some fun once in a while. But, put that photo on your business’s website, and it says you’re goofing-off at work. Is that the message you want to display to potential customers? Probably not.

We’ve all heard the adage “don’t mix business with pleasure” or, “don’t mix with personal with business.” This also applies to photos. A personal photo of your family or one of you skiing in Winter Park does not belong on your website. It doesn’t look professional. That photo belongs in your family photo album at home and not in your business brochure.