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Real Estate Photography Equipment I Use

For real estate photography, I bring one of my DSLR cameras with a 16-35mm f/4 lens. This camera and lens combination allows me to capture really wide shots, such as small rooms or tight spaces, as well as more open spaces and bigger rooms. I also bring a remote shutter release and my Manfrotto tripod and 3-way head.

For aerial photos, I bring my DJI Mavic 3 Classic drone. This has a 20MP camera that provides me with RAW files. RAW files offer the most freedom during editing.

Why am I telling you what photography equipment I bring? Because I feel you need to know that I bring the best photography equipment to a real estate photo shoot.

Most of the time, I do not bring flases or light-stands. I can, however, if necessary. There’s typically enough light coming through the windows when the blinds and/or curtain are open.

My Style

My style of real estate photography is not high HDR and not high contrast, but something in between. Shadows are not a bad thing to be avoided, in my opinion. I prefer to shoot during the day. This means there is often bright light coming through the windows. I like to have the blinds open but not up, and curtains open. I also prefer to have all the lights on and any ceiling fans on.


When photographing the outside of the home, shooting the front of the house when it’s facing the sun is preferred. For example, if the home faces the west, it’s better to shoot the front of the house in the afternoon. Otherwise, when shooting the front of the house with the sun behind it, puts it in the shadows and this isn’t ideal. That said, I understand sometimes we need to take the photos when it’s not idea, and I can make this work.


Photographing the outside of the house are just like photographing people outside – it’s best within two hours after sunrise or two hours before sunset. It’s ideal to shoot the outside of the property during this time because of the low angle of the light hitting the house. The color of the light is also better at these times. This often requires a second trip to the property, and therefore an additional fee. See below.

How Will You Get Your Real Estate Photos?

Once I’m done shooting, payment is required, if it hasn’t already been received. After editing your photos, I will upload them to a password-protected page just for you on my website and text or email you a link. There, you will be able to download small, medium, and large versions of each photo. You can download all at once, if you prefer. Small versions are great for website use, email, social media, etc. Large versions are great for printing, such as brochures, business cards, postcards, etc. I do not charge extra for the downloading of your photos.

What I Will and Will Not Do as a Real Estate Photographer

I expect the home is ready to be photographed when I arrive. This means it is clean – carpet vacuumed, floors swept, rooms picked-up, and no animals or people inside. There should not be any visible personal items in the bathroom(s), such as toothbrushes, cleaning products, or personal care products. There should be a clean towel neatly hanging from the towel rack, if a towel rack is available. A neatly folded hand towel next to the bathroom sink is ok. I expect the bed to be made and no personal items in the bedroom(s), such as clothing, shoes, watches, etc. An alarm clock next to the bed is ok. There should not be any dirty dishes in the kitchen, not even in the sink. I will not move furniture or décor.

I also expect the yards to be picked-up – lawnmowers and toys put away, for example. Cars, trailers, etc. should not be in the driveway. I will not help mislead potential homebuyers by removing stains, for example, on the driveway or the countertop in photoshop.

When I arrive at the home to photograph it, I will take-off my shoes or put on shoe covers. I will photograph every room, unless instructed otherwise. When photographing each room, I like to have connecting objects in photos that connects one photo to the next. It could be a vase or a lamp off to the side – something that allows the viewer to virtually connect one room to the next.

I try to photograph each room so it appears its most attractive and interesting. In addition, I try to photograph unique or interesting features or appliances, such as if there’s a waterfall in the backyard or a wine cooler in the kitchen. That said, if there is a unique or unusual feature in your home that you want included/photographed, please bring that to my attention.

2023 Real Estate Photography Pricing Packages

25 Photos

$ 150
  • Up to 25 photos
  • Includes up to 3 aerial drone photos
Most Popular

40 Photos

$ 300
  • Up to 40 photos
  • Includes up to 5 aerial drone photos
  • 1 neighborhood sign photo
  • 1 outbuilding photo, such as shed

50 Photos

$ 450
  • Up to 50 photos
  • Includes up to 7 aerial drone photos
  • Amenity photos, such as neighborhood sign, exterior neighborhood clubhouse, pool.
  • Special features photos, such as if the home has special wood trim, unique door handles, artwork, landscape plants, etc.
  • Outbuilding photos, such as shed, greenhouse, barn.


All prices are for within Fort Collins. For Wellington, Windsor, Loveland, and Timnath, add $100.

Twilight Photos. Add $100

For twilight photos, I return to the property at either sunset or sunrise for additional outside photos with all exterior lights on. Twilight photos are great way to show what the property looks like at dawn, dusk, or at night, with the lights on. Perhaps the property has amazing sunset or sunrise views.

Video Tour (not to be confused with MatterPort). Add $100

For my video tours, I use my mirrorless camera on a stabilizing gimbal and walk through the home or property recording video. There is no sound. I make no comments. These videos are quite smooth. Each room, entry and exit, is its own video segment. I then piece various segments together at my office into longer videos connecting rooms. Video tours help a prospective buyer virtually walk from one room to the next seeing how they connect.

Aerial Drone Video. Add $100

For my aerial drone videos, I create outside using my drone, such as circling the home or building or property. Videos can be shown separately or as one longer video. Aerial videos help the prospective buyer get a sense of the property from a low bird’s eye view. For example, see the roof and it’s condition, get a sense of the property’s surroundings. These videos can also be used for the Realtor’s or agent’s advertising needs.

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