maternity photography

Oh my gosh they are so so good and cute. I LOVE THEM ALL!
~ Chantel

What You Can Expect From a Maternity Photography Session with Me

If at all possible, I like to briefly meet with you before our session to get acquainted, discuss pricing, and develop a plan. At this time, it’s also good to pose ideas, locations, and props. If you have found pose ideas online that you want to replicate, this would be a good time to bring them up. I do not have a studio, so we can meet at your house, or at a park or some other neutral location. A day or so before our photo shoot, I like to confirm we’re still on.

Once at the photo shoot location, the fun starts. If we’ve previously discussed specific poses or spots at the location, we start moving to each one and creating great photos. I try to bring a bluetooth radio to play your favorite music on. Music is optional, though.

You don’t have to worry about how you should pose or what to do with your hands, etc. I will come with my own pose ideas for you. If you have your own ideas, they are welcome. Together, my goal is to provide you with great maternity photos you will love for years to come.

Once we’re done shooting, payment is expected, if it hasn’t been made already. Back at my office, I will edit the photos, make back-ups, then upload the chosen ones to my website, where you can download them from. You will have the option to download small, medium, and larger versions of each photo. Small versions are low resolution and good for email, social media and other websites. Larger versions are good for printed photos, as well as photo books. I will email or text you your download link. This link will expire in 30 days. If you need more time to download your photos, just let me know.

Maternity Photography FAQs

When Is a Good Time of Day for Maternity Portraits?

If we’re shooting outside, the best times of day are within two hours after sunrise or before sunset. The sun is at a great angle and the color is very attractive for outdoor portraits at these times. If these times don’t work for you, that’s ok. We’ll still make great photos. If shooting inside, this is less important, but sometime during the day is preferred.

What Week of Pregnancy Should You Get Maternity Photos?

Between the 7th and 8th months of pregnancy, you’re getting a nice, round, pronounced belly. This is a great time for maternity photos – it’s late enough that it’s probably obvious you’re pregnant, yet early enough you probably don’t have to worry about an early delivery.

Can My Spouse or Friend Also Take Pictures with Their Phone During Our Session?

I encourage it. As long as I am able to get my turn 🙂

May I Bring a Friend or Spouse to the Photo Shoot?

Of course! Just one, please, so it doesn’t get too chaotic.